A statement from APAG Secretary Kelly Pierce

Dear Performers and Public,

Our Union stands for transparency, choice, and consent! If you are not aware we regulate the adult performers in the straight and trans industry through the PASS system which is controlled by the FSC (Free Speech Coalition). It also should be mentioned that some gay companies also utilize the PASS system however the majority by choice do not follow the same testing protocols through the PASS system.

The gay industry currently also allows HIV positive performers to work, which as you can imagine, has caused a lot of discrimination/hate to crossover talent and/or gay performers. We as the Union want to remedy this by asking that all three industries open the lines of communication and work together to adopt the same testing protocols and working standards, so it may stop a lot of stigma, discrimination, and misinformation about each industry. We are all adult performers in this industry, and we should work together as one!

With that said, we have found that with medical advances such as ART (antiretroviral therapy) our current stand alone HIV test accuracy can be manipulated by this medicine advancement. This medicine lowers the carriers viral load to make the virus undetectable in the carriers system, lengthen their lifespan,  and lowers chance of transmission to another. Due to this awesome medical advancement for the HIV community, our testing should meet the medical advances of ART.

Over the last few weeks we have done extensive research with our Union doctor Jason Goldman and have come up with a plan to remedy this situation to make all performers feel safe. It is called Antigen testing. Antigen testing will pick up the P24 gene that all HIV Carriers carry even if the viral load is undetectable.

Our advice to performers is to add this test to your current testing standards and ask that your scene partners do the same! This is not about stigmatizing HIV performers, but updating our current HIV testing standards to meet the medical advances of HIV carriers. Undetectable should not impact disclosure requirements to your scene partner.

Lots of Love and Luck



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