An Update Regarding Performer Abuse Allegations on Set From The Union

This month in the adult industry, the focus of performer welfare has shifted to on set abuse and allegations of rape. Different performers, some who are experienced actresses while another who was brand new to the industry, all described the abuse or consent issues in vivid detail to the world. Both situations became public via social media, however they way they were handled and the outcomes of each situation are very different.
In the first situation, a video was posted on YouTube with performers sharing their experience with a specific male performer and director. During that investigation, the union spoke with the female performer involved, offering assistance and referrals. We then spoke in-depth with the producer/director involved, along with the company owner. The female performers handled the situation on their own, filing police reports and OSHA complaints, as mentioned in the YouTube video. The entire ordeal played out on social media leaving the performers subject to hate and shaming by nonbelievers.
At the same time, another ordeal was being played out on social media. A new female performer had stated her consent was violated. The scene was originally booked as a boy girl scene, being one of the female performers first , and the male performer took the scene beyond the defined consent perimeters. Just as we do in all situations, the union immediately offered assistance, including legal representation at no cost to the performer. The performer accepted our assistance, negotiations were made, and the dispute was completely resolved with the performer and the production company, leaving the performer very happy with the settlement.
The major difference in the two situations are how they were handled, thus resulting in very different outcomes. There are voices in the industry that work to silence our efforts and the ability we have to truly help performers. We want you to know the union is here for you! A performer should never feel afraid to speak up for themselves, complain about conditions on set, or stop a scene if consent boundaries have been crossed! If this happens to you as a performer, come to us. Helping you is our priority.
The Officers and Board Members of the Adult Performers Actors Guild –
President Alana Evans, Vice President Ruby, Secretary/ Treasurer Kelly Pierce, Sergeant At Arms Amber Lynn, and Union Board Members India Morel, Billy Santoro. Aali Kali, Jorge Reano, Tony Tedeschi, and Senior Counselor James Felton.