Tips To Stay Safe At Adult Conventions

As convention time approaches, we wanted to share some helpful tips for performers to make sure you have a safe and successful show.

Convention Tips-

Be sure to follow the convention’s code of conduct. Make sure your badge is secured. They fall off easily and can get stolen. Having a pair of flat shoes to travel around the casino before and after signing hours is a great idea. Hand sanitizer is always a necessity and can help you from catching a cold. 
If you are filming while in town for the show, make sure everyone is current with their testing, even if only shooting content or fan clips. 

Your hotel room number; Be sure to keep a record of your hotel room number and floor. You can take a photo with your cellphone in case you forget. 
 If a stranger buys you a drink, be sure you receive the drink from the bartender or waitress directly. Never leave your drink unattended, even if just for a moment. 

Travel in pairs when possible and always let someone know where you are going. You can even share your location with a trusted friend via your cellphone in case you end up in an unplanned situation. 
If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, or are being followed down a hotel hallway, there are hotel phones located near the elevators and at the end of hallways where you can call for security.  Never be afraid to ask for help. 
If you get lost in the hotel, most directions are located hanging from the ceiling of the Casino floor. 
Las Vegas Police Department is always on alert when we come to town. Be mindful and be lawful. Most importantly, be safe and have fun! It is always important to pace yourself, stay hydrated, and eat! 
We will have staff and members in Las Vegas for the convention and show.

If you have an issue or need help, feel free to contact us. and DM’s are open. 


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