Performer Meeting February 4, 2019 6pm PST/9pm EST

The Adult Performers Actors Guild will be holding a special meeting on Monday, February 4 at 6pm PST/ 9pm EST. The open meeting will be held online via ZOOM, a conferencing app we use to allow performers from across the world to be involved. The app and access is free and very easy to use. There are two options; a call in number with an access code or by logging into the zoom application.

As with all of our meetings, we will be following an agenda and protocol. You do not need to be a member to attend this meeting, however, every attendee must RSVP to receive access. Meeting access will be locked by 6:10pm. Anyone who has not RSVP’d but is in attendance will be removed from the meeting. By RSVP’ing you agree to the rules of the meeting.

The meeting will be chaired by APAG President Alana Evans and will include members of our board, as well as legal advisers and medical professionals. The intent of the meeting is to discuss current concerns about current industry standards and practices, HIPPA rights, and the future of industry medical practices.

Meeting Rules- All attendees will be respectful and will not engage in defamatory speech, offensive language, or behave in a threatening manner. If such behavior occurs, the meeting will be paused, and the attendee in violation risks removal at the discretion of the chair person. A time limit will be set for speakers and must be followed. All attendees will be muted unless given the floor to speak. Recording of this meeting is ONLY allowed by union staff. Attendees MAY NOT record the meeting.


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