Talent Testing To Add The Antigen Test At No Cost!

Since November 2017, the board and members of the Adult Performers Actors Guild have been asking for changes and updates to the current testing panel for adult performers. After Free Speech Coalition and APAC announced their support to change HIV laws in California regarding transmission in October 2017, our staff began to research our testing protocols. With the help of our trusted physician Dr. Jason Goldman, we quickly learned that a major flaw or ‘loophole’ existed in our testing panel. Our industry was not using the CDC recommended testing guidelines that included both the antibody and antigen tests. Our panel allowed for HIV+ undetectable performers to “pass” the current required panel of tests via FSC’s PASS system. This became an instant concern because performers would be unaware of their partners true HIV status because of this, even though FSC PASS has denied this claim.

After 15 months of education, argument, and meetings with performers, the owners of Talent Testing have stepped out of the ring and made changes to their panel, which performers have been asking for. Today in a newsletter released by Talent Testing, they announced that TTS will be adding the rapid test aka ELISA to their STANDARD Gold Panel at NO COST! This means that in just one week, every performer who tests at TTS will automatically be given the CDC recommended tests in tandem, giving performers to right to full and informed disclosure!

Your cries have been heard and our voices have created true change in the industry! For the first time since 2011, our testing panel will meet current medical standards and we couldn’t be happier! We want to thank Talent Testing for giving choice back to performers. We stand in solidarity at TTS’ request for Free Speech Coalition and the FSC PASS system to update their requirements to match this panel.Thank you to all the performers, medical professionals, and union members who refused to be silenced, this is proof that with unification, we can bring change!

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