What is the difference between APAG, IEAU, and APAC-

The International Entertainment Adult Union (IEAU)  is the mother union of the Adult Performers Actors Guild (APAG). We are chapter of the IEAU. We have our own officers and board members, all elected by members. We have our own Constitution and Bylaws, which govern our guild. APAC, the Adult Performer Advisory Committee (APAC) is a performer committee, and has no affiliation with APAG. While we have working relations with many organizations in the industry, APAG works directly with it’s members to make the adult industry stronger for performers.


What can the guild do for me as a performer?

APAG was created to give performers the opportunity to organize as one voice, working together to set better standards for performers. We can help with on set or off set issues, safety concerns, OSHA issues and complaints, Agent concerns and more. We have a full crew of adult industry veterans, performer advocates, a strong legal team, and others to help performers navigate their way through the industry.


Why join?

We are stronger together! By joining our guild, you add strength to our voice. When performers are mistreated, unpaid, or abused, we are here to help! By gathering the performers to unionize, we put the power of the adult industry work force back into the hands of YOU, the performer!


Can I join the Adult Performers Actors Guild (APAG) if I am already a member of APAC?

Yes! We encourage all performers to join our guild, regardless of affiliation with APAC. We are ONE industry and APAG’s  intentions are to work together with APAC in the future.


Is APAG recognized by the Department of Labor?

The guild is a Department of Labor recognized union, under the mother union, IEAU. Our  LM-1 form can be seen below.


Are you a current performer in adult films or web camming? Are you a retired performer from the adult film industry? The Adult Performers Actors Guild is organizing performers, past and present, to provide education, health care, and protection of performers rights. Become a part of the union!

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