APAG Board Meeting Minutes – February 11, 2018

APAG Board Meeting Minutes – February 11, 2018

 Meeting called to order: February 11th at 7:05 pm by Vice president Alana Evans

 Roll Call: Conducted by sergeant at arms Amber Lynn at 7:06 Pm


Vice President – Alana Evans

Sergeant at Arms – Amber Lynn

Secretary/Treasurer – Kelly Pierce

Board Member – Ruby

Board Member – Tony Tedeschi

 Not Present:

President – Sean Michaels

Parliamentarian – Jorge

 Reading of Officer Pledge: Read by Sergeant at Arms Amber Lynn at 7:13 pm

 Reading and approval of minutes: minutes from November 26th, 2017 provided by Secretary Kelly Pierce and read by Secretary Kelly Pierce were accepted as published and approved by consensus.

 Reading of Agenda: Read and Approved by Vice President Alana Evans

 Old Business:

  • IEAU Meeting Discussion continued
  • IEAU bylaw discussion continued
  • Officer paperwork concerns addressed

 New Business:

  • Addressing Vacant Chair Position
  • Adding New Committees
  • Support Group
  • Adding new board members
  • Antigen testing update
  • Health Insurance
  • Fundraising and Union Dues

Summary of Discussion:

 At 7:21 pm Vice President Alana Evans Brings up recent IEAU meeting and bylaw changes and what went on during the meeting while Secretary Kelly Pierce and her were present.


At 7:25 pm Sergeant at Arms Amber Lynn brings up concerns of the bylaws with IEAU and why she has issue signing the current form as it stands. She will follow up with IEAU.

 New Business:

At 7:29 pm Sergeant at Arms Amber Lynn leads the discussion and solution of President Sean Michaels resigning.

At 7:30 the solution is to make Vice President Alana Evans the new President.

Motion by Board Member Ruby at 7:30 pm to vote in Vice President Alana Evans as president

Vote: 5 in favor, motion carries at 7:32 pm February 11th Vice President Alana Evans is appointed official president of Adult Performers Actors Guild

 At 7:35 President Alana Evans brings up the discussion for making a committee on Suicide Prevention and presents what it will entails. As well as why we are in desperate need of one to help the performers in our industry.

At 7:50 pm Alana Evans proposes Katja Kassin along with her professor to run our support groups for our members.

AT 7:53 pm Board member Tony Tedeschi broaches the topic of fundraising

Motion by Board Member Ruby at 7:57 pm to make a fundraising committee

Vote: 5 in favor, motion carries at 7:58 pm

At 7:59 pm President Alana Evans announces we have ten new members to join the Union!

 At 8:03 board member Tony Tedeschi opens the discussion on APAG bylaws and union parameters and guidelines for new members. We will be updating the bylaws and making a few minor changes to help better protect our performers against predators in our industry.

 At 8:29 pm Board member Tony Tedeschi addresses where we are on the antigen testing being implemented into our testing practice in the industry to which President Alana Evans explains where we are and our plans to make it happen.

At 8:32 pm President Alana Evans addresses performer healthcare and what the board can do to implement this!

At 8:40 pm Secretary Kelly Pierce brought up board member election and possible ones to be added.  

At 8:45 pm it is agreed Secretary Kelly Pierce will put a portfolio together of all potential board members so officers can be informed on their decision to vote them in. 

AT 9:20 pm President Alana Evans closed the official meeting

Voted on and carried:

  • Alana Evans made President of APAG
  • To start a new fundraising committee


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