APAG creates The Benz List, a Performer Consent Checklist!

The Officers of the Adult Performers Actors Guild have created a performer consent list, also known as The Benz List. We have worked together to create a list that allows for a true and fair explanation of what a performer is willing to do on camera, to protect performers from having  their consent violated. Performers are often asked to perform acts they love, but sometimes a performer is put in a situation where there is no conversation regarding their comfort zone. This performer consent list covers what kind of scene they will be performing, along with sex acts they are either comfortable with, or more importantly, sex acts to which they are not comfortable with. This type of list allows performers to understand each others limits prior to filming.

The Benz List was created as a response and reaction to adult performer Nikki Benz and her shoot with Director Tony T.  Officers of the union were included in a viewing of the footage put on by Tony T and his lawyer, Karen Tynan. As we watched the brutal acts being committed against Miss Benz, we knew  it was time to address the true issues of consent.  It is the opinion of the viewing officers, that what happened to Miss Benz was completely unacceptable, brutal, and should never happen to a performer again! Performers have different levels of tolerance. What is sexy and erotic to some, may not be to others. It was made clear that acts performed against Miss Benz were not discussed prior to filming, and had there been a consent list involved, this horrible incident could have been avoided.

The Benz List is attached as a PDF and Word document, so that you can print out and take to set with you. Producers, you should print this out for each production and offer it to your performers. Having this on set is the first step in letting a performer know that you respect their rights, their safety, and their consent. We are aware that some production companies have their own checklists in place and we applaud you for that.

It is important to remember that performers have the right to revoke consent at any time.

PDF- Performer Checklist

Word Doc- Performer Checklist

Thank you-

The Officers and Board Members of the Adult Performers Actors Guild


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