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Los Angeles – The Adult Performers Actors Guild (APAG) on Sunday, February 11th, 2018: voted in Vice President Alana Evans as President after the resignation of President Sean Michaels. We are very sad Sean Michaels decided to resign from the union, but he didn’t feel he had the time to fulfill the necessary obligations for the position. Mr. Michaels, is a revered man in this industry, who has a very busy schedule as a director, actor, and family man. We were honored to have him serve as our Union President. His leadership and professionalism was always present and always welcomed. Mr. Michaels graciously suggested Miss Evans for the position, and the officers of APAG couldn’t have agreed more with his suggestion.


Miss Evans as Vice President has demonstrated the leadership, initiative, and the drive this union needs to ensure its success. She possesses the intelligence, bravery, dedication, integrity and leadership that will drive the Union forward. We have seen first-hand how much she cares about this industry she has dedicated her life to and the performers in it.  Working alongside Alana we have seen she is about results and taking action. She doesn’t back down when it comes to protecting young performers. She doesn’t cower when those in power try to drop the hammer or make false accusations about the union. She uses any platform and resource she has to help the union grow, as well as help performers who have been neglected and hurt by this industry. The climate we are in right now is about addressing the patriarchy, and calling out bad behavior towards other people mentally and physically. We believe Alana is the type of leadership that will be perfect for this role.


We at APAG want to wish Sean the best of luck, and we will miss you!  


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