APAG Welcomes New Board Members And A New Vice President

The officers of the Adult Performers Actors Guild would like to welcome our new board members and a new Vice President. Due to recent vacancies in our board and requirements of the federal government,  a meeting was held to vote members into those vacant positions. With a majority vote ruling, both India Morel and Nica Noelle were chosen as board members, holding those positions until the end of term in 2019.  Existing Board Member Ruby was chosen to fill the vacant seat of Vice President until the end of term in 2019.
We are incredibly pleased with our new additions, and we will also be adding more board members again in the near future. If you are a current member of the Adult Performers Actors Guild and would like to be nominated for a board member position, please contact us.  We are always looking for performers interested in working together to make our industry a better place! Our union is encompassed with straight, gay, and trans performers across the  mainstream adult films and webcam platforms.
The Officers of the Adult Performers Actors Guild


Are you a current performer in adult films or web camming? Are you a retired performer from the adult film industry? The Adult Performers Actors Guild is organizing performers, past and present, to provide education, health care, and protection of performers rights. Become a part of the union!

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