Updated- Moratorium On Production Called

Update- Wednesday Aug 29, 2018 2:10pm PST
FSCPASS released a statement extending the hold until Thursday morning–
Over the weekend, a notification was sent out warning performers of a possible HIV infection among the talent pool within the PASS System. Today, the test has been confirmed as positive. At this time, all talent and producers have been asked to refrain from filming hardcore content until the production hold has been lifted, which is currently set for Wednesday.

With every new case of HIV among performers in the industry, tensions and concerns rise. As performers ourselves, we understand the fear and financial strain this causes and how difficult it can be on you and your family. There are always questions and concerns about the source of infection. It is  important to remember that production is halted to protect others from transmission.

There have also been concerns about response time and delayed notice of the production hold. Unfortunately, the board of the Adult  Performers Actors Guild is not part of the PASS Advisory Committee.  Due to our concerns regarding the outdated panel currently being used as performer standards by the FSCPASS system, we have asked to be added to the FSCPASS advisory committee, but our requests have been denied each time.

As our testing protocol stands, our system does not follow CDC protocol for HIV testing, which includes not only the test we currently use along with the ELISA test. As we continue to work with our medical advisors, we will continue our efforts to have this additional test added to the performer panel. To understand why this additional test is so important, take a look at our previous report from Dr. Goldman along with a statement from the CDC/ Centers for Disease Control.

To add your opinion, fill out the performer poll listed here.

It is important we update our testing panel to match the CDC guidelines. We will continue to push for better testing and protocol for our members  and all performers in the adult industry.

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