Meeting Agenda October 21, 2018

Meeting Agenda

Adult Performers Actors Guild

Officer and Board Member Meeting

Sunday October 21, 2018


7pm PST/ 10pm EST/ 4pm Hawaii

Meeting will be chaired by President Alana Evans.

Roll call to be read by Secretary Kelly Pierce

List for Roll Call–

President Alana Evans

Vice President Ruby

Secretary/Treasurer Kelly Pierce

Sergeant At Arms Amber Lynn

Board Member India Morel

Board Member Aali Kali

Board Member Tony Tedeschi

Parliamentarian Jorge Reano

APAG Senior Counselor Jim Felton


After Roll Call, President Alana Evans will read the Officers Pledge as



I accept my responsibility as an elected representative of the Adult

Performers Actors Guild, I pledge upon my honor that I will faithfully

observe the Constitution and Bylaws of this Union.


APAG Secretary Kelly Pierce will go over past meeting minutes.

Vice President Ruby will list new business-

  1. IEAU meeting update
  2. new members
  3. APAC and Health Insurance
  4. testing update
  5. Brothel workers and legal escorting

After listed new business, the floor will be open for other discussions.


Meeting to be closed by President Alana Evans


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