Meeting Minutes- November 4, 2018





TYPE OF MEETING:  Regular Meeting


DATE:  November 4, 2018


TIME: 7:00 pm pst


MEETING FACILITATOR: President, Alana Evans


CALL TO ORDER:    President, Alana Evans brought the meeting to order at 7:16 pm pst


ROLL CALL:  Was Taken by Secretary/Treasurer, Kelly Pierce at 7:17 pm pst


Attendees Present:


President – Alana Evans

Vice President – Ruby

Secretary/Treasurer – Kelly Pierce

Sergeant at Arms – Amber Lynn

Parliamentarian – Jorge Reano

APAG Senior Counsel – Jim Felton


GUEST: IEAU Board Member, Bob Maschi




Tony Tedeschi

India Morel


OFFICER PLEDGE: Read by President Alana Evans at 7:20 pm pst


APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Secretary/Treasurer, Kelly Pierce motioned to approve the minutes from the Oct 21st, 2018 meeting at 7:23 pm pst. Vice President, Ruby seconded the motion.


Vote: Motion Carried; 5 Yays, 0 opposed, 0 abstained

Resolved: Minutes from the October 21st, 2018 Meeting approved without modification


MEETING AGENDA:  Was read by Vice President, Ruby at 7:24 pm pst.





XBIZ MEETING/RISE EVENT:  AT 7:25 pm pst President Alana Evans began discussion with the board about an upcoming meeting with the owner of Xbiz, Alec Helmy. This meeting between President Alana Evans and the owner will hopefully resolve any issues we had and so the owner can get to know the Unions goals for the future. She also let the board know that all members of the board are invited to attend Xbiz’s Rise Event.


NEW MEMBERS:  At 7:26 pm pst President, Alana Evans shared that new members joined our Union. Ecstatically some from an organization that has been critical of the Union. At 7:27: pm pst President, Alana Evans let it be known to board members that we will not judge them the way they judge us. We will welcome any and all performers even the naysayers. Our goal should be to bring in all performers and prove their judgments wrong. That we rise to the challenge. At 7:28 pm pst Vice President, Ruby said she had already started reaching out to the new members even the ones who were critical of us to welcome them to meetings and/or join committees to help further the Unions goals for all performers.



HEALTH INSURANCE:  At 7:29 pm pst President, Alana Evans updated us on the how we are doing on health insurance sign ups and to inform the board that she will be presenting new information to give to adult performers very soon.


TESTING UPDATE:  At 7:30 pm pst President, Alana Evans addressed the board on where we are on testing. She informed us of Dr. Goldman’s efforts so far and about an announcement that could be happening very soon!


NEW APAG BUSINESS CARD:  At 7:31 pm pst President ,Alana Evans informed us of IEAU board member, Bob Maschi will be helping the board design and get business cards to hand out to models at AVN/XBIZ and other events where models are present. We will be having another meeting to vote on the final look before the cards go to publishing.


Open Discussion:  Vice President, Ruby started open discussion at 7:33 pm pst.


At 7:34 pm pst President, Alana Evans said she has discovered a certain male performer who was a previous PASS Patient 0 performer trying to get models to perform with him without a test. At 7:35 pm pst Secretary/Treasurer, Kelly Pierce suggested a clip artist/cam model check list for performers.


At 7:41 pm pst President, Alana Evans motioned to create a committee for a performers checklist for webcam/clip artist performers. Vice President, Ruby seconded.

Vote: Motion Carried; 5 yays, 0 opposed, 0 abstained

Resolved: A committee will be started: President, Alana Evans, Vice President, Ruby, Secretary/Treasurer Kelly Pierce, and Parliamentarian, Jorge Reano all expressed they would like to be on the committee.


At 7:47 pm pst IEAU Board Member, Bob Maschi went more in depth on the details of creating our Union cards and the options.


At 7:48 pm pst IEAU Board Member, Bob Maschi informed us that IEAU got a small grant from SWOP (Sex Workers Outreach Project USA) to do a PSA for December 17th Day Against Violence.


At 7:49 pm pst Vice President, Ruby Suggested in getting in contact with a certain performer for the PSA due to the horrible situation she went through.


At 7:50 pm pst Sergeat at Arms, Amber Lynn was curious the status of Nikki Benz lawsuit with Manwin/Brazzers and she may also be a good one for the PSA


At 7:51 pm pst President, Alana Evans said she would reach out to both women to see if they are interested in doing the PSA before voting.


At 7:52 pm pst IEAU Board Member, Bob Maschi informed us that EDG (Erotic Dancers Guild) played a vital role in getting Déjà vu to recognize all their erotic dancers as employees in the state of California. APAG congratulates EDG on its success!


At 7:53 pm pst Sergeant at Arms, Amber Lynn suggested this may show precedence for Adult performers to be recognized as employee’s vs independent contractors, since many adult performers do erotic dancing as well.


At 7:54 pm pst APAG Senior Counsel, James Felton seemingly agreed.


Adjourned:  At 8:04 pm meeting was adjourned by President, Alana Evans




Prepared by: Secretary, Kelly Pierce                                                                                                          Approved by: President, Alana Evans


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