APAG Addresses LA Direct Models and Derek Hay

The Officers and Board Members of the Adult Performers Actors Guild would like to address the NBC documentary about LA Direct Models and it’s owner Derek Hay. The current charges and complaints against Mr. Hay echo from years past, as Mr. Hay has been conducting this form of predatory behavior for years.  As a union, we have handled several performer complaints against his agency and have worked to get multiple performers released from his exploitive contracts. To date, the Adult Performers Actors Guild has helped nearly two dozen performers be released from agency contracts, and we plan to continue our efforts to end the contractual exploitation of performers. With the help and tireless efforts of our lawyer, many performers have received legal assistance at no cost for numerous issues they face while navigating their careers through the adult industry.

Moving Forward, we would like to extend our efforts to performers currently locked into contracts with Derek Hay and LA Direct Models. We want to encourage performers to contact us in times of need, whether it is for legal assistance, on set concerns, or even peer support. To expedite service and assistance, the Adult Performers Actors Guild is launching a performer hotline. This hotline will provide access for performers in their immediate time of need. Discreet and experienced staff will be available at all times to help. More information will be posted to

We want to thank all of the performers, directors, and agents who work to make our industry safe. Your constant efforts to improve our workplace and workforce are necessary. Without your voice, we cannot be heard. To become more active in our organizing efforts, contact us




The Officers and Board

Adult Performers Actors Guild



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